Lady Gaga broke down in tears during stairwell chat

Lady Gaga broke down in tears during a recent interview for 60 Minutes as she sat on the stairwell outside the apartment where she lived as a child, surrounded by TV lights and cameras.

The footage never made it to newsman Anderson Cooper's televised interview, which aired on Sunday (13Feb11) but it was shown on Access Hollywood on Thursday night (17Feb11).

A suddenly vulnerable Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, stares into one camera and starts sobbing, whispering to Cooper, "Just looking at these cameras in this hallway, it's like... It's validation for me of years and years of struggle and passion."

The 60 Minutes crew and Cooper followed Gaga around the world for the news special, shooting almost 15 hours of footage over three months.

Gaga and Cooper had to shoot their chat outside her old apartment in New York because the current owner was too ill to let them come in and shoot the interview.