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Written by Katie Marzullo
Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite thing in the world right now. Chances are, if it’s not yours too already, it soon will be.
In July of last year, Belgian-Australian indie rocker Gotye released a single and a music video called “Somebody That I Used to Know”, featuring New Zealand artist Kimbra, to much critical success. In recent weeks, however, the video has been experiencing a considerable surge in popularity, popping up all over social media sites and sending its view count on YouTube into the stratosphere, reaching over 74 million hits as of this writing. Not able to ignore this phenomenon, MTV named Gotye its PUSH Artist of the Week.
The video is simple but oh-so effective. Gotye stands naked and vulnerable before us (literally!), pouring out his frustrations about being completely shut out by an ex-lover, even after they agreed to remain friends. Whatta burn! But don’t take his word for it – there’s two sides of every story, and that’s where Kimbra comes in. Revealed halfway through the video, blending in to the background the same as Gotye thanks to some immaculate body painting, she comes to life and has a few things of her own to say. Once finished, her body paint disappears with the help of some stop-motion animation, symbolizing her separation from him and his world for good.
The song is just as catchy as the video. While the video reminds me of the delicious quirkiness of ‘80s-era Peter Gabriel, the song (and Gotye) put me in mind of ‘80s-era Sting, from his days with The Police. There’s nothing not to love about this song or the video. I’m infatuated.
You will be too. Check out “Somebody That I Used to Know” below:
(Screenshot via YouTube)
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor