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Zoe Saldana avoids 'hardcore' training

Zoe Saldana puts less pressure on herself to keep in perfect shape now that she's a mother.

The Star Trek Beyond star is known for her athletic physique, dynamic nature and ability to pull off just about any fashion trend. But since getting married in 2013 to Italian artist Marco Perego and welcoming twin sons Bowie and Cy the following year, Zoe's priorities have definitely shifted.

"Before I had the boys, it was all about staying fit and keeping the body that I wanted to keep; it was all aesthetic," she told Britain's Glamour magazine. "Now it's a desire and a pleasure to be present. And in order to do that, and to embrace the moment, you need to feel 100 per cent - or the closest thing to it."

To maintain her lithe figure, the 38-year-old is all about embracing a healthy lifestyle, not only for herself, but her family too. Zoe says that the Saldana-Perego's all maintain a gluten-free diet and drink a lot of healthy, fresh juices.

"So it's about nurturing myself any way I can... Also, while I'm filming, I try not to do any hardcore training that would be too exhausting for my system," she explained.

Zoe, who will also reprise her role of Neytiri in the forthcoming Avatar 2, adds that she's so busy with her career and home life that the fact that she's getting older doesn't really cross her mind.

For the New Jersey native, age is a merely a number, and she wishes other women in Hollywood felt the same way.

"Because I'm not going to give a s**t about it. I'm going to be just as sexy, just as fabulous, and just as useful as ever. And numbers are not going to play a big role in my life," she laughed.