Raven-Symone is fuming after finding herself at the centre of a naked photo scandal, insisting she would never strip off to boost her career.

Saucy pictures of the star pouting seductively at the camera were rumoured to have been taken for an alleged female love interest before they leaked online and began circulating on gossip blogs.

But the former child star, who played Olivia on The Cosby Show, has assured fans she is fully clothed in the snaps, which were actually taken from her page.

Raven-Symone also denies having a same-sex lover and is adamant she would never pose topless.

In posts on, she explains, "Well, there it happened again... A picture that I put as my Twitter profile got twisted into a story that isn't true. Let's clear things up for a second time... I AM NOT NAKED, I have had a career that has been a blessing (in) my life without taking my clothing off... And I have no intention to start (stripping off) now.

"You know what happens with rumours like that? My mom calls me at 6am... About something that's not true. I did not send that to any lady friend. I actually have clothes on. Those are not naked pictures, and I'm not in a relationship with a girl."