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Owl City star clears up lawsuit reports over Carly Rae Jepsen duet

Owl City singer Adam Young has cleared up reports suggesting he has lost a plagiarism lawsuit over his 2012 collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, insisting they are still fighting the allegations.

Editors at TMZ.com reported on Thursday (30Jan14) that little-known singer/songwriter Ally Burnett had won a six-figure windfall after launching legal action for copyright infringement, amid claims the hit song Good Time heavily sampled her tune, Ah, It's a Love Song.

In fact, a ruling has yet to be made over compensation from Young and Jepsen, and a lawyer for the Owl City star has issued a statement to Spin.com to make his client's position clear.

The email reads: "Adam continues to defend the plaintiff's claim and we are confident that the Court will ultimately rule in his favor and dismiss the claim."

The confusion surrounds a separate settlement Burnett reached with the musicians' publishing bosses at BMI, who agreed to place $804,156 in royalties in escrow until the case is resolved.

Once a judge issues a ruling in the copyright argument, those funds will be paid to the victor.

In exchange, Burnett agreed to withdraw BMI from the list of defendants, reports Spin.com.