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Lindsay Lohan takes up spiritual chanting

Lindsay Lohan is putting her troubles behind her by taking up spiritual chanting, according to her friend Courtney Love.

The Hole rocker got to know Lohan by giving her advice at the height of her legal problems, for which she served numerous stretches in jail and rehab over the last few years, and the pair has remained friends.

Love, who has practised Nichiren Buddhism since 1990, has now revealed Lohan is a member of an all-female group which meets at her house to practise spiritual chanting.

She tells Access Hollywood, "She's coming to my house to chant... There's like seven women coming to chant on Friday. (It's) a women's group. She's coming to chant, which is good for her."

Love adds of the chanting, "You can tell when I'm not doing it, I get in trouble and then (when) I am doing it, I don't get in trouble. It's really, really good for me. So, that's my religion."