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And Dan Aykroyd urges parents to do as much as they can to encourage kids to get out of the house in 2011.

He says, "I would personally say put up the texting, put up the blackberry, put up the laptop and get rid of it for at least a long weekend for four or five days at least once or twice a month. We are ruining the attention span of this generation.

"It's time to get back to nature and see that there are other creatures out there other than our friends that are being texted and sexted. I grew up on the edge of a national park and had to walk to school a few miles back and forth so I personally encourage it. I would see timber wolves, creeks, snow drifts... The joy was coming home at 4.30 as the light was fading in cold Quebec, Canada and there was Yogi in the afternoon on TV.

"I have always had an appreciation of nature. I pass it onto my children and you really do have to put up the electronic devices and get back to nature. This generation has got to change the world and get out and realise what they have and try to get more rural and out to the country and bring that ethos back to the cities. Maybe this movie will help a little bit."

Justin Timberlake admits he felt compelled to tell Yogi Bear's story after starring in The Social Network - a film about the Facebook phenomenon.

He tells WENN, "I did a movie about the birth of social networking and it drove me sort of crazy even playing a part in that movie; it's way beyond my brain scan. I grew up in Tennessee on the edge of a state park, so I spent a lot of time outdoors."