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Herzigova's home renovation plans anger neighbors

Supermodel Eva Herzigova has angered her neighbors in London by pressing on with plans to develop her traditional townhouse property.

The beauty wants to renovate her basement to provide a sixth floor at her $4.8 million home, and she has submitted plans for the work to Kensington and Chelsea council.

Officials rejected the application, but Herzigova's lawyers have appealed their decision, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper - and nearby residents are fuming.

Neighbors claim the work would bring chaos to their road, and may damage the foundation of other properties.

Local historian Grace Grossman, whose daughter lives in an apartment near the model's house, says, "The residents have no rights, and there have been so many problems... The houses have been subsiding. It is a conservation area but it is not a listed area which is a shame because there is so much history here, and it is such a beautiful area...

"People like Eva don't care about it. They already have garages and basements, and there are already five floors, why would anybody want six floors? It is just because they can and they have the money, I understand that she wants to put a gym in there.

"While she is trying to get the planning permission she has left the house derelict. The weeds in the back garden are growing up to the first floor. I can't say how strongly everyone feels about this. It is beautiful round here and people enjoy the gardens.

"But these people don't care about the house, they just think I have the money so I can do it. Why don't they just buy a bigger house somewhere else?"

A decision is due on Herzigova's plans next month (Jun11).