She is seen topless and wrapped in a sheet as she cradles her baby in her arms, and also giggling as she poses looking into a mirror with the tot.

Emma Bunton speaks at length for the first time about the birth, revealing she insisted on having music playing in the delivery room and was overcome with emotion on the big day.

She tells the publication, "As Tate was lifted out, I remember thinking, 'What's playing?'. As Jade and I are both musical, it's important to us. It was actually I'll Be There by The Jackson 5, which - like (older son) Beau's song Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles - seemed absolutely perfect... There were tears of complete and utter euphoria. As Tate was placed in my arms, I shouted to my mum, 'How can I never do this again?' because I was on such an amazing high.

"Mum was busy snapping away with her camera and there is one shot of the three of us: Tate is in my arms and I have tears pouring down my face, Jade is kissing me and he's streaming with tears. It was very emotional."

But Emma Bunton also reveals her agony at witnessing the two-month-old tot suffering the symptoms of indigestion which causes him to bring up milk.

She adds, "Sometimes I watch him and he screws his little face up and it's so upsetting. But he's such a good baby. I've spoken to other moms whose babies have suffered with it and they've said, 'Is he not sleeping? Has he lost weight?'. We've had none of that. He has been angel.

"Being such a worrier, I've really fretted about it. But compared to what some people go through, we have had it so easy and know we are really lucky."