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Eddie Redmayne stunned by false Prince William reports

Eddie Redmayne was given a first-hand taste of tabloid culture while he was at school with Britain's Prince William as he regularly read false headlines about his classmate in the press.

The My Week with Marilyn star was a pupil at England's prestigious Eton College with the prince and was surprised to see so many fabricated articles about the royal.

Redmayne tells Britain's GQ magazine, "It's the first thing that gets written about me. It's the weird thing that Eton does - you're at school next to lords and earls and, in my case, Prince William, so you end up being used to dealing with those sorts of people.

"They'd (the media) say William was doing something somewhere and I knew he wasn't because we were both in double French (class)."

However, Redmayne admits he can't help but flick through magazines and read about his movie co-stars.

He adds, "Once I'd left Eton, I became the consumer. I'd witnessed the untruths of it, yet quickly bought in to it. In the trailer on a film set, everyone reads celebrity magazines. If I see a friend who I worked with a year ago, there's this weird thing where I have all this information about them because I've read it in a paper. But then I don't want to let on that I've taken that stuff seriously."