Corgan's brother mugged

Billy Corgan's younger brother has been left shaken after he was mugged on Thursday (09Jul11).

Jesse Andersen, The Smashing Pumpkins rocker's half-brother, was riding the subway in Chicago, Illinois when a young woman and a group of men allegedly confronted him and stole his iPod music player.

When he attempted to get it back, Andersen claims he was punched in the face.

He tells ABC News, "I thought, you know, she just wanted to see my iPod but, you know, she wouldn't give it back. I kept saying, 'Give it back to me, give it back to me.'"

Corgan has since taken to Twitter to praise his brave brother, writing, "My brother Jesse just finished an interview with a 2nd TV station about being mugged. The bad guys picked the wrong kid to f**k with!"

He later added, "My brother Jesse asked me to please pass on to everyone that he appreciates the tremendous show of support he has gotten today."