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Ashley Judd to talk about sex abuse for mother's radio show

Actress Ashley Judd is to discuss her sex abuse allegations with her mom Naomi for the first time as part of the country star's new satellite radio talk show next week (beg04Jun12).

Mother and daughter will sit down for the emotional chat in front of a studio audience next Tuesday (05Jun12).

Naomi tells Billboard.com she hasn't had the chance to talk to her daughter about her book claims of sex abuse since Ashley's revealing memoir, All That is Bitter & Sweet, was released last year (11).

The Judds star says, "I admit I'm a little nervous about doing it (interview) because this is the first time that Ashley and I have ever done anything together. And I'm going to ask her about what happened in our relationship... I have to take a deep breath before that one.

"I know she'll want to talk about her severe depression and share some ways that have gotten her to such a happy, stable place, but I think really it's probably going to be about our relationship."

Judd admits she has now read her daughter's book and can't wait to talk to her about some of the revelations: "I had to take a deep breath before I opened the book and I read it by myself when I was in a good mood and had space and time.

"I knew I would probably be hollering out loud at certain things... but (I was) acknowledging that anyone in a relationship has a completely different reality, and I wanted to know what my daughter's personal experiences and journeys were."

Naomi reveals she will also chat to her daughter about her cancelled TV drama Missing and her relationship with racing driver husband Dario Franchitti in the frank interview, which will form the basis for the first episode of her limited-run SiriusXM talk show, Think Twice, on 8 June (12).

Announcing the six-week show, Judd says, "I want people to think twice. That's why I came up with the title, because in today's culture, in this ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) culture, people don't understand the real important stuff. I want people to be talking about this stuff at the water cooler, around the kitchen table."

The radio show will also feature Judd's interviews with Nobel Prize winners, scientists and forensic psychiatrists.