Born September 29, 1980

He may have his own hit T.V. show now, but Zach's roots are in musical theatre! He began singing, dancing, and acting when he was only six and after graduating from high school and moving to Los Angeles, he performed onstage in The Wizard of Oz, Grease and Oliver! From there, Zach's Hollywood career began to take off after he caught attention for his role of Jesus in Godspell. His first major role was on the comedy series Less Than Perfect with Sara Rue, Andy Dick, and Sherri Shepard.
Now, Zach is the starring in the NBC series Chuck, as a computer nerd who accidentally downloads CIA secrets into his brain and is recruited to be a secret agent! This role earned Levi an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a comedy series in 2009.

So is the guy who plays such a lovable dork anything like his character? We decided to find out by dropping by his pad and doing our own investigation, where we found that Zach is definitely a fan of video games. He even played a little bit of Rock Band with Young Hollywood! Always the comedic cutie, Zach is showing Hollywood that he makes geek chic!



He's really tall at six feet, four inches.

Loves skateboarding, snowboarding, and skydiving.

Stars in the Indie film Shades of Ray.






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