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Want More "Breaking Bad"? Better Call Saul!
Written by Sarah Osman
For all of you “Breaking Bad” fans out there that are mourning the end of the show, wipe your tears because sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman is about to get his own TV show! Saul, played by Bob Odenkirk, will star in a spin-off prequel (prior to meeting Walter White and Jesse Pinkman) about how he became a lawyer in Albuquerque. The character has gained notoriety for his great one-liners, overall sleaze, and surprisingly brilliant legal advice. The one-hour show is set to be called (what else?) “Better Call Saul”. “Breaking Bad” writer Peter Gould, who originally created the character of Saul (and who has been a character on “Bad” since the second season), will produce the new show.
Since the series is set prior to the events of “Breaking Bad”, there is a chance that a few well-known “Breaking Bad” baddies might pop up. I’m holding out hope that Gus Fring, one of Saul’s most important clients and the meth kingpin prior to Walter White, will show up at ome point. We have gathered bits and pieces of Saul’s past from various episodes of "Breaking Bad", such as the fact that he’s been married multiple times, caught his stepdad with one of his wives, and knows all of the major players in Albuquerque. And just as Heisenburg is Walter White’s alter ego, we know that Saul Goodman isn’t Saul’s actual name. Could we find out the origin story of how he came to be the one and only Saul Goodman? “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan, who has had a hand in the creation of “Better Call Saul”, has hinted that we might.
Saul isn’t the only AMC character to be getting his own spin-off. On September 16, AMC announced that “The Walking Dead” will get its own companion show, which will likely not be based off of the graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. “The Walking Dead” brought in roughly 11.4 million viewers during its third season.
“Better Call Saul” is set to premiere in either the later half of 2014 or in 2015. In the meantime, the entire series of “Breaking Bad” will be released on Blu-Ray/DVD on November 26 (just in time for the holidays)!
You can also check out Saul Goodman’s very own Official Website to get primed for the spin-off!
Will YOU tune in to see the adventures of Saul Goodman?
- Sarah Osman, YH Staff