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TV Stars Get Their Swag on at Emmys HP Gifting Suite
Those of us that dwell on the viewer side of the silver screen know the delight in kicking back with a glass of champagne and a bucket of extra hot popcorn during the awards show season. What of our television darlings? Chaotic costume changes, countless photographs, and towering heels often define long nights and fetal mornings. This year, the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards promised a fantastic night for both the couch-potato mass audience, as well as the hardworking stars.
Stealing some well-deserved R&R with a variety of sponsors inside the HP TouchSmart Gift Lounge were some of your favorite celebrities. Jane Lynch ("Glee") worked the Emmy audience as sharp-witted host but also tested her sharp slingshot skills, as she played Angry Birds for charity in between costume changes. Her costar Lea Michele stumbled into the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter bar with "Glee" guest star John Stamos, to munch over their success.
Vincent Chase and the crew from "Entourage" were also spotted – an early reunion after securing their rousing series finale. From Adrian Grenier to Kevin Dillon to Jerry Ferrera, free shoe-shopping was on the menu, and they all left the lounge with snazzy new sneaks and other goodies.
"Modern Family"’s Ty Burrell was heard waxing humble on his win for Best Supporting Actor, crediting his wife as the long-suffering and supportive figure behind his success. Ty wasn’t the only star reveling in the company of family. The stunning and otherworldly Christina Hendricks returned to the year 2011 for the evening, and is looking forward to filming in the same city as her husband, Geoffrey Arend ("Body of Proof"), over the next few months.
A dose of celebrity, a bag full of goodies, and a load of good spirits was promised back stage at the Emmys, and whilst we, the viewers, turn green with envy, we can be sure to diminish it with some seriously exciting vicarious fantasy, served up by our silver screen stars in the year ahead.
- SymonneTorpy, YH Staff