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Q&A: Chatting With Actress & Model Molly Sims
Written by Wael Davis
With a modeling career spanning over twenty years, it’s not hard to see why Molly Sims is one of the world's most recognizable faces in fashion. Molly began her career in 1993 after dropping out of college at the prestigious Vanderbilt University to work full time, and she hasn’t looked back since! From magazine covers and to national endorsement deals, to a successful jewelry line, years of philanthropic work, and starring in hit TV and movies, Molly Sims has done it all it seems. That is, until she gave birth to her new born son, Brooks Alan, with her husband, film producer Scott Stuber. I got a chance to talk with Molly at her Rembrandt/Neutrogena holiday prep party at BLOW salon in New York City where she dished on being a mother, her latest jewelry collection, and much more!
YH: How was your Thanksgiving? It was your first holiday with your newborn!
MS: It was so good, my first baby’s Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Dustin, Florida. We had the best time, we cooked turkey, dressing, and it was so fun... We dressed him up a couple of times.
YH: That is so cute. As a new mother, how has your outlook on life, career, now that the focus has shifted to Motherhood?
MS: It definitely shifts... There’s just something more, ya know? You can’t really explain it. You're much more content, you're not as bothered by the little things.
YH: You’ve had a successful jewelry line since 2004; how has developing your latest collection going? What are some new designs you are really inspired by? For a celebrity/model, that’s amazing it’s been going for so long.
MS: Thank you. We're doing really well. We had to put it hold because I was pregnant, and there were some complications and I had to stop coming to New York for a little bit. But I am working on designs for spring; I just started pulling things actually. But it’s good, it’s always changing. I love metals, metallics, lots of layering, black diamonds, and lots of bronze and gold.
YH: You’ve been modeling for over 20 years; does it feel good to see models having a big comeback and more face time in pop culture, magazine covers, TV shows, etc.? Girls like Hilary Rhoda, Coco Rocha, Karlie Kloss, have really brought models back to the forefront of fashion.
MS: Oh yeah! I’ve always been such a pro-model person, I love supporting other models. I’m a girl’s girl, I always love it when these girls have something more than just one thing they are doing everyday that could soon end, and they have other things going on in their lives.
YH: Are you going to be watching "The Face" with Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kourkova, and Coca Rocha?
MS: Oh yes for sure.
YH: Without comparing it to other shows, do you think "The Face" has more legitimacy to it being helmed by someone like Naomi, one of the most successful models of all time?
MS: With Naomi, Karolina, and Coca, they’re all very legit. So, I think it could be a great show, I really, really do. They are all very talented and very different, which is good.
YH: Now that it’s the holiday season moving into December, what are some of your favorite traditions?
MS: I love a tree. I already got the stockings made, the new ones. I said to somebody with a holiday party, it is a great excuse to go out, get your hair blown out, get your make up done... I love a party. I love the holidays, people are always celebrating. I love the smell of everything.
- Wael Davis, YH Staff