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Written by Kate Ferguson
If you’re in the market for a new upbeat, '60s-inspired rock and roll band, the MonaLisa Twins have what you need, putting their shared genes to work with both musical talent and artistic creativity.
The MonaLisa Twins is an Austrian group made up of 19-year-old girls actually named Mona and Lisa. Mona Wagner is on vocals, guitar, and blues harp, and twin sis Lisa Wagner handles vocals, guitar, and ukulele, and they are joined by session drummers and bassists.
They write all their own songs, adding bright guitar elements for a fun '60s sound that has a touch of British invasion, folk, and psychedelic. They cite influences from The Monkees and The Beatles to Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd for their “true to life mindset”, and have been compared to She & Him, Jake Bugg, and The Last Shadow Puppets. They’ve played all over Europe and have started to hit the U.S. radio stations and interview platforms after releasing their album in 2012. They have music videos up on YouTube videos which have garnered 2 million views and 4,500 subscribers so far.
To draw attention to their music and artistic expression, the girls decided to do something to get the public involved. The idea they came up with was to create a mural project of sorts, hanging a giant canvas at London’s art district the Stables Market in Camden. They put a big red heart in the center of the canvas, layed out some paints, and let the public go to town on it. Everything was caught on film, and the remaining result is the beautiful collective art piece and time-lapse music video for their album’s headlining song “When We’re Together”. The group was touched by how happy everyone who stopped to get involved seemed to be and have hopes of touching world wide audiences. The painting for the video is also up for auction on eBay.
Their latest music video for “The Wide, Wide Land” showcases a more mellow side of them, highlighting the folk element and honesty behind their work with sweet melodies and outdoor visuals.  
You can keep up with MonaLisa Twins on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, and their Official Website.



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