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Nicole Scherzinger Brings the House Down with "Phantom of the Opera" Performance
Written by Katie Marzullo
For anyone who thought Nicole Scherzinger was just some burlesque-lovin’ pop tart, got some news for you. This girl is wicked talented!
It’s easy to forget, underneath those bedazzled corsets and fishnets, lies a real powerhouse singer. Let’s face it, “Don’t Cha” didn’t exactly give Nicole much opportunity to flex her vocal muscles and really show people what she could do. Fortunately, she was able to break out on her own, releasing some well-received solo material. Critics and listeners everywhere nodded in approval – yes, she is more than just a Pussycat Doll! And oh, lookee here, she just won the Mirrorball Trophy on “Dancing with the Stars”!
Clearly, Nicole had to have had some sort of clout for Simon Cowell to pick her as a judge on the American version of “X Factor”, even if he continues to condescend and pick on her throughout the show. Famously, this season he dared question Nicole’s true abilities live on the air, but she shut him up nicely when she belted out a rendition of “I Will Always Love You” right there on the spot. Pow!
Okay, so, we know she can hold her own with a diva pop anthem. What we might not have expected, however, was to hear Nicole slay one of the hardest pieces of music out there – the title song from The Phantom of the Opera.
“Opera” is in the title for a reason, folks. The female lead, Christine, is an opera singer. And no performer is gonna get anywhere near that role unless they have pristine pipes. So, when I heard that Nicole Scherzinger, of all people, would be performing this song at the Opera Royal Variety gala, along with four gentlemen who have actually played the Phantom on the stage (Simon Bowman, RaminKarimloo, John Owen-Jones, and Earl Carpenter -- no small potatoes!), I thought, would she be able to hold her own?? How does a pop singer handle a piece that, at the end of the day, amounts to be an aria??
Quite simply, she slays it. Check out Nicole performing “The Phantom of the Opera” below, and just TRY to squelch the goosebumps!
(Screenshot via YouTube)
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor