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John Lennon's Final Interview Released to Public
Written by YH STAFF
Today, December 8th, marks the anniversary when the great John Lennon was murdered in New York City by a crazed fan; it has been 30 years since the tragedy. 
Three days before the former Beatle was murdered, writer Jonathan Cott spent nine hours at Lennon’s apartment, as well as the Record Plant recording studio, conversing with Lennon in an interview for Rolling Stone Magazine. While cleaning out his closet 30 years later, Cott stumbled across a couple tapes labeled “John Lennon 1980.” A surprise to himself and others, we now have the chance to listen to the voice of John Lennon just days before his death as he eerily speaks of life, fan expectations, being a father, and why he stopped making music in the late '70s.
Cott said, "It had been 30 years since I listened to them, and when I put them on, this totally alive, uplifting voice started speaking on this magical strip of magnetic tape." Magical indeed. Short excerpts were released after Lennon’s death, but the full interview has never been published until now. It will be featured in its entirety in the latest issue of Rolling Stone as well as in audio clip form on their Website
Although he is no longer with us, and hasn’t been for quite some time -- most of you reading this were probably not even born yet when he was killed -- the world still remembers John Lennon as an uber-talented, unquiet force that changed and influenced the lives of many, through both his music and as an advocate for world peace. Even if you had never seen his face, there is no doubt you could recognize his voice without any trouble. Even though no one could have predicted his sudden departure from this world, his mark is evident as fans crowd around Strawberry Fields in New York to sing and remember the day John Lennon was killed. Three decades later, his spirit lives on.
- Kellyé West, YH Staff