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Jim Morrison Knocking on Kickstarter's Door(s)
Written by Sarah Osman
Here’s a Kickstarter campaign that’s not being started by a celebrity yet will help make a movie about one: filmmakers Jeff and Jess Finn are currently trying to raise $50,000 on the fundraising site so that they can complete the documentary Before the End: Jim Morrison Comes of Age. The new film will focus on the years before The Doors frontman Jim Morrison became famous and will feature interviews with family members and friends who have never spoken about Morrison on camera... until now! Among these include Morrison’s brother Andy, his childhood friend Jeff Morehouse, personal recollections from a few of Morrison’s early girlfriends (including Tandy Martin and Mary Werblow), his UCLA roommate Alain Ronay, and his professors from UCLA.
Don’t expect to learn more about Morrison’s death at the age of 27 -- this film will only focus on his childhood and young adult years. As Jeff and Jess point out, many documentaries about Morrison claim to focus on the “real” Morrison yet portray him as a hyperbolic rock star. Since their documentary will only focus on Morrison’s formative years, it will be difficult to portray him as a larger-than-life character. I’m personally hoping that they do raise the $50,000; I’d like to learn more about Jim Morrison the man before he became Jim Morrison the rock god.
For more information and to donate, visit the film's Kickstarter page!
- Sarah Osman, YH Staff