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James Van Der Meme: "Dawson" Goes Viral
Written by Kellyé West
I hadn’t even made it to high school yet when the beloved "Dawson’s Creek" became a part of the average teenager’s weekly TV rotation in 1998. The show with the handsome, sensitive filmmaker, his best friend, his dream girl who he’d known all his life, along with the girl next door, was supposed to be the show that depicted the All-American teenager -- crazy parents included. For six years we watched the ups and downs of the relationships that surrounded Capeside, Massachusetts, and when it was all said and done, everyone had grown up. 
Katie Holmes is now married to Tom Cruise, Michelle Williams, who was once married to the late Heath Ledger, has made quite the name for herself as a feature film actress (like the upcoming Blue Valentine), Joshua Jackson has continued to find success, and James Van der Beek -- or, Dawson Leery, as we know him so well -- is, well, making fun of himself!
Over the past few years, there has been a video circulating the Internet which showcases a short clip from a "Dawson’s Creek" episode where Dawson breaks down crying, displaying what could possibly be the funniest, weirdest, and ugliest cry face of all time -- a cry face that has launched a thousand memes! Recently, James showed that he could appreciate the joke just as well as the rest of us by posting a video for his new website, Jamesvandermemes.com, which is dedicated to the many other faces of Dawson... er, James. Now at our fingertips, we can have so much more than just the cry face; for example, there's mild sadness, the stud wink, a yawn, and for all you fans out there, the ten-year anniversary crying edition meme!
As if it couldn’t get more awesome than the multiple memes, James is also offering his hysterical services to relationships everywhere with “Asshole for Hire,” a way to cast a dark shadow over the “sensitive do-gooder image of Dawson Leery” to which girls are still comparing their boyfriends. And you certainly mustn't forget to check out James's shill for DILF Khakis, the hottest new pants for the dad you'd like to f***!
Kudos to happily-married James is taking it upon himself to send some relief to those who suffer from Dawson’s Creek Syndrome.
It is incredibly refreshing to see celebrities embrace their past in order to make fun of themselves for our benefit! Now if only we can have a reunion with all of Dawson’s Creek!
(Screenshot vis Jamesvandermemes.com)
- Kellyé West, YH Staff