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It's Hard Out There for a Woody... Allen
Written by Katie Marzullo
Here’s an interesting concept – a Woody Allen movie that’s not really a Woody Allen movie!
Here’s an even more interesting concept – me kinda wanting to see a Woody Allen movie!
I’ve never claimed to be the biggest Woody Allen fan (or a fan at all, much to guest writer Greg McIver’s chagrin… sorry, dude!), but I have an unwritten rule for myself that, for every artist whose work I generally dislike, I allow myself ONE free pass. For Mr. Allen, Fading Gigolo could be his one.
But here’s the thing – the film was neither written nor directed by Woody himself, even though he is one of the primary stars. No, those honors go to his co-star John Turturro, who casts himself as the nebbish florist who decides to become the trick to Woody Allen’s pimp in order to make some extra dough. Yes, you read that right – Turturro is a male prostitute and Woody Allen is his pimp. Let the whackiness ensue!
And because this involves Woody Allen, OF COURSE all of Turturro’s clients are the hottest women two eager legs – namely, Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara. Now, is there anyone on the planet who will believe for 2 seconds that either of these ladies are so hard up for some man meat that they have to PAY for it?? And that they would settle for John Turturro of all people??
Well, it is a movie after all, and it’s not fair to make assumptions. I mean, Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley in real life, so anything is possible, right? And even despite these seeming lapses in logic, there does seem to be a lot of humor and – dare I say – even some sweetness to this film.
No theatrical release date has been set yet, but Fading Gigolo is scheduled to premiere in September at the Toronto International Film Festival.
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor