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Hidden Gems: 2 TV Shows and 2 Musical Artists You Should Be Checking Out!
Written by Yasmina Jackson
There are a few things I love that get ton of attention, either positive or negative. Lady Gaga, "True Blood", Beyoncé, "The Walking Dead", the list goes on. But I want to bring your attention to those good things in music and television that seem to be under the radar:
OK, this show is basically a cross between "Jersey Shore" and "Gossip Girl" (strange mix, I know, hear me out!), but this reality-soap, which centers around the employees of hair salon The Gatsby and their nearest and dearest, is probably more entertaining than either of those two shows, and this is coming from a fan of the latter. Containing more fake tans, cat-fights, and boyfriend drama than you can shake a stick at, this show is a great guilty pleasure. Have a look at one of the many fights from season 3:
Katy B
If you remember, my first article was about the five UK acts that I think you should watch out for. It was tough leaving this girl out, as she is one of the top stars in the UK Urban Music scene (YH did cover her earlier this month). And 2011 has been a great year for her, with top 5 singles and a critically-acclaimed album On A Mission, that was kept off the top spot by someone called Adele. Check out her track "Katy On A Mission" below:
"Burn Notice"
This show does have a fanbase, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, then you really have to. Jeffrey Donovan plays  Michael Donovan, a "burned" spy (meaning, he got laid off, more or less) who not only has to try and find out why this happened and finding the people responsible, but he also helps others with their own problems. Think of him as a cross between Robin Hood, Jason Bourne, and MacGyver. It’s an action-packed hour of escapism, with great characters. Watch  a trailer of Season 5 below:
Melanie Fiona
Hailing from Canada, Melanie Fiona has a stunning voice that more people should be listening to, especially if you’re exhausted with the glut of dance-pop that we have been exposed to this year. Not only that, she is a Grammy nominee who has worked with Bruno Mars and John Legend, among others. Get into her current single "4am" below:
What music and TV do you think should get more love?
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Yasmina Jackson is a London-based blogger, with a penchant for good music and quality television. You can follow her on Twitter @yassiesj86.