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From Cannes, With Amour
Written by Symonne Torpy
The rain is forgotten by Day 3, and ice cream is instantly la cuisine du jour. Cannes is about sampling the very best of life and culture - from the ever so slightly superficial indulgences (think the Magnum Lounge manicure bar) to the seriously deep (round table discussions with Tim Burton). 
Celebrities sashay through hotels and it's near impossible not to remain starstruck. We spot Karl Lagerfeld and a posse of ten gazelles dressed head to toe in Chanel striding through the Majestic Hotel. Zoe Saldana sits by Clive Owen in the back of a short film screening hosted by Harvey Weinstein and Lexus. PSY graciously does the "Gagnam Style" move on cue at the Ritz.
Concepts are born and spread amongst writers, directors, actors, and producers. We clap at the end of film screenings -- a lost art of appreciation I'm considering rekindling back home, even when the directors aren't in the room. 
For a Cannes first timer, there's a lot to learn. There are five days to go and hundreds of films to see, people to meet, and ice cream to devour, so here's signing off from the South of France... for now!
An Australian by birth and by allegiance to Vegemite, Symonne Torpy donned a fur coat and followed her dreams to Paris. She can be found drinking vin rouge at midday, editing website content, and blogging about her adventures with Miu Miu on her website, La Vue du 6ème Étage.