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Fashion's New It Girl Gives Good Face for DKNY
Written by Sarah Shatz
Within the past year, we have seen Cara Delevingne everywhere. From YSL and Burberry to Chanel and Fendi, this 20-year-old top model has made her mark. Named by the Evening Standard as one of “London’s 1,000 Most Influential of 2011” and pronounced as the “star face” of the 2012-2013 autumn/winter show season by British Vogue, this bushy-'browed beauty is only going up from here.
So what’s new for Ms Delevingne? The launch of DKNY’s Autumn Winter 2013 campaign, accompanied by funky video featuring model Ollie Edward and artist Curtis Kuling that was recently released.
Very much like a sexier Carrie Bradshaw, the video features Cara taking the streets of Manhattan by storm, strolling Times Square, straddling a New York taxicab, and pulling apart a jumbo pretzel. The ad is also accompanied by a funky dubstep you can’t help but to nod your head to. Full of youth and energy, watch Cara rock the new sophisticated, sporty, yet chic new DKNY line in the video.
- Sarah Shatz, YH Staff