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Chi Lin Brings Authentic Chinese to WeHo
Written by Katie Marzullo
It can be said that Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen in L.A., and if anyone wants a truly authentic Chinese culinary experience, they will have to hop on a subway and venture all the way to downtown’s Chinatown.
But now, thanks to Innovative Dining Group (IDG) and their new restaurant, Chi Lin, you only have to go as far as West Hollywood to get that genuine Chinese flavor (literally!). Chi Lin’s mission is to fully immerse their diners into the real sights and tastes of Hong Kong, featuring authentic, fresh dishes from the region (and beyond) complimented by a seductive, lantern-lit interior design concept.
Chinese filmmaker-turned-restaurateur Cecile Tang takes you on a culinary tour of the very best gourmet offerings from all over China, in a setting that evokes the high-class establishments of Hong Kong. Along with your standard Peking Duck, indulge in Chi Lin’s Black Pepper Two Basil Filet Mignon or, for you vegetarians out there, you’ll want to try the Leaves of Wild Yam. And don’t forget the cocktails! Chi Lin is fully stocked and ready to pour some fancy, Asian-inspired drinks, like the Hot & Sour Martini or Kowloon Cooler.  
Chi Lin just opened their red lacquered double-doors this week, so hit them up ASAP to be one of the first to experience this new WeHo hot spot! Call for reservations or visit their Website. And bon appétit! (I don’t know how to say that in Cantonese…)
- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor