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Chatting With: "The Face" Stars Nigel Barker & Coco Rocha!
Written by Wael Davis
Last night, the highly anticipated model competition show "The Face" premiered on Oxygen to rave reviews. The show is led by the iconic and legendary Supermodel and Executive Producer of the show Naomi Campbell. Campbell has graced over 200 magazine covers and walked the runways for the world's top designers, and at 42 she still remains one of the most in-demand models in the industry. She's joined on the coach's panel by fellow models Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha, and the show is hosted by former fashion model and famed photographer Nigel Barker. Each week, Naomi, Karolina, and Coco's teams will compete to win a huge modeling contract. Think "The Voice"-meets-"American's Next Top Model".
We caught up with Nigel and Coco at the NYC premiere of "The Face" to dish on the new show - see what they had to say below!

YH: Were you nervous about returning to television after your departure from "America's Next Top Model"?
NB: Returning to TV? I never really left! [laughs] Just a little hiatus for a moment. Within one week of leaving ANTM, I found out about "The Face". It truly really wasn't very long. We were in negotiations for a couple months before we confirmed everything. It's a big deal for me, it's very exciting, this show is putting me in the right direction with a role that I certainly wanted for a long time.

YH: I watched the first episode and the show is fantastic. Being one of the world's most famous photographers, what was it like working with the legendary Naomi Campbell?
NB: Thank you, thank you. That makes me happy to hear that. Well, I worked with Naomi as a model twenty years ago. One of my first modeling jobs was in Paris for Chanel, and I walked into a room with Karl Lagerfeld, and there was Naomi Campbell. And I remember just being blown away; her beauty is astonishing. As if you've taken time and frozen it, she is more beautiful now than she was then. People will see a different side of her, she is great for TV.

YH: What do you think people are going to learn about you the most from this season? You are showcasing yourself in a whole new way -- television is very different from the modeling world.
CR: I think people are going to realize that there are many ways to succeed in modeling. There is no one perfect road to take; my road is, I come from a time in modeling when every girl looked the same. You didn't know one girl from the next; we had two seasons and that was it. I think I tried so hard to get out of that. I wanted people to realize I'm not just a pretty face, I actually have a voice. I can tell you something about myself and this business. And I think that really helped kick me out into a different realm.

YH: You think people will be surprised by what they see on the show?
CR: What surprises people most is how involved I am with social media. It's so huge for a model now. It's something models never had before; now you can hear our voice. And now with a television show, people will really get to know me better, as well as Karolina and Naomi.

YH: What advice would you give aspiring models?
CR: That he or she can have a voice like me. Social media helps you connect with people, it's very important. I'd also say that it's important to stay true to yourself, who you are. I'm a religious girl, I don't do everything that other girls do. I say no to nudity, I say no to semi-nudity, I don't do smoking, sexual photos and all that. And the girls that do, it's totally fine. Karolina is Victoria's Secret, she was great at it. You do not have to say yes to everything, you can say no. All jobs are not for everyone. Always hold your head up high and be confident in your decisions.

Tune in every Tuesday on Oxygen at 9PM central to find out which contestant wins the big prize, the face of Ulta Beauty! And don't forget to check out our recent interview with Karolina Kurkova at NATPE in Miami!
- Wael Davis, YH Staff