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Catching Up with Omari Hardwick
Written by Guest Contributor

Recently, I had the chance to speak with a talented "young Hollywood" actor named OmariHardwick.

You may have seen this clean-cut and smooth young gentleman in motion pictures such as The Gridiron Gang, The Guardian (starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher), Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna, and even the recent summer flick Kick A**.

Omari also plays a lead character, Ty Curtis, on TNT's hit drama series, "Dark Blue."

Hardwick recently landed a big role in a new Tyler Perry movie titled Colored Girls. Hardwick will play Janet Jackson's husband who later turns out to be a gay man. This role may seem a little controversial, but Omari does a great job with the character. Such a great job, in fact, that even Oprah Winfrey expressed to Tyler Perry that she was "very pleased" with his performance. This new movie features not just Omari and Miss Jackson but also Michael Ealy, Phylicia Rashad, Whoopi Goldberg, and many others.


Omari Hardwick


Omari is known somewhat as "eye candy" to many woman across the nation. He has been featured in many publications such as Essence Magazine. But the good looks are just a bonus to this young actor's career. Check out my conversation below with Omari Hardwick...


On playing the role of Ty Curtis in "Dark Blue," who is very similar to Omari:

"I feel that it is most difficult to play the role of Ty Curtis over a role that is more opposite of the way you are. When people wake up everyday, they brush their teeth, look in the mirror, but then take off to a job that's not asking them to pick themselves apart everyday and to reveal who they are on a constant basis. I, however, brush my teeth and go off to a job that is constantly asking me to analyze who I am as Omari Hardwick and Ty. So, it is a little easier to play a role like I did in Colored Girls because it is so different."


On playing the role of Janet Jackson's husband in Colored Girls who later reveals that he is gay:

"I had so many different emotions when asked to play the role of a gay man. I was very skeptical on playing this role not just because I am a straight man but also being the fact that I am an African American man. In our culture, we find it very taboo to ever be seen in the light of another other than a 'manly man.' I landed the job of playing the character in the movie that is bisexual, depressed, and hurt. I didn't really think about the reputation or other thoughts that I may receive once the movie comes out. Through this movie I hope to make people realize who are closed-minded, and especially those in our culture, that black men do carry this sexuality and lifestyle. My main goal is to hope that I played a good job in telling this story through the new movie."


On working with Janet Jackson:

"Janet was very open, which I wasn't expecting. She was open to Tyler, but I didn't necessarily think that she would be as open with me. I mean, who am I? I'm just this new cat trying to make it in the business. I'm just Omari Hardwick trying to get a career going, and she's THE Janet Jackson. Janet blew my mind with being so open. She was so generous, kind, and we also made a great connection and friendship while filming. We even shared gifts once the movie was wrapped. But once the movie wrapped, I sat back and realized that, "Damn, I just worked with Janet Jackson, I will be able to share that with my grandkids one day.'"


5 things you might not have known about "O":

  1. -He substitute taught elementary and high school kids.
  2. -He's addicted to apples.
  3. -He loves to travel and paint.
  4. -He frequently visits museums.
  5. -He rides a motorcycle.


Omari Hardwick


Seems to me that Omari's face will soon be on many publications and websites thanks to his new endeavors, so make sure you keep an eye out for this young, talented Hollywood actor.

Remember to go see the new movie Colored Girls once it debuts in January 2011, and to check out Omari on "Dark Blue" every Wednesday at 9pm on TNT.




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