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Cannes '13 Update: Celebrity Snack Break
Written by Symonne Torpy
The pilgrimage from East Egg to West Egg was ever testing for the star-crossed antagonists of Fitzgerald invention. Jay Gatsby stretched his hand out across an insurmountable emotional ocean. Daisy was jailed in her castle -- her captors, cream pastries and $10,000 billowing chiffon. Nick Caraway's delicate writer's sensibilities were ill-equipped to deal with rocky dinghy rides across the bay. 
Sauntering from one end of the Cannes Croisette to the other may have proved equally difficult for this contemporary protagonist. However, I had a worthy conquest. As any true Great Gatsby fan knows, one must invest time and energy into true love, and this year, I found it in an unlikely place: The Magnum Ice Cream Lounge.
In the 1920s, all worthy femmes knew that a heart could be won via a colossal house or a diamond headpiece. For the Cannes Festival 2013 woman, ice cream became an intriguing second choice. Magnum offered us the chance to dip their standard bar into molten chocolate before topping it with anything from gold-leaf and crumbled brownies, to rose petal sugar and salted popcorn. Liv Tyler dropped in to make her own (above)... she has probably already replicated the idea on one of her yachts. A bespoke ice cream bar could indeed catch on as the latest kitchen installation throughout Young Hollywood. You heard it here first, folks!
By day, the beach haven offered press pass-wielding festival-goers a cool escape, complete with complimentary manicures. By night, the space was host to some of the most celebrity-hot soirées on the schedule. Here's a quick rundown: 
- Official movie party for Jeune & Jolie
- Official after party for Le Passe (Liv Tyler alert!)
- Grand Central official movie party (hosted by favourite Parisian event team Le Clique)
- Private Phoenix concert
- 25th Anniversary of Le Grand Blue (Spotted: Eric Serra, the original songwriter for the film)
- Official movie party for The Immigrant (Spotted: the absolutely stunning Marion Cotillard, who starred in the film)
The whole  experience has sadly turned me into a brat of Daisy Buchanan proportions. I have returned to my regular supermarket ice cream section, searching for hot celebrities and extravagant sprinkles, and facing a tragic void. This does, however, mean that I can return to my Paleo diet without distraction. Given the choice, I think I may have preferred the diet's bitter end.
An Australian by birth and by allegiance to Vegemite, Symonne Torpy donned a fur coat and followed her dreams to Paris. She can be found drinking vin rouge at midday, editing website content, and blogging about her adventures with Miu Miu on her website, La Vue du 6ème Étage.