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"Breaking Bad" Tough Guy Lands New TV Gig!
Written by Sarah Osman
Here’s some news to celebrate, “Breaking Bad” fans! Jonathan Banks, who recently played tough guy Mike on the hit show “Breaking Bad” until this last season, is returning to TV! He will play the patriarch of an ancient line of killers on the new show, “Bloodline”. The NBC series, which will be produced by Peter Berg, will revolve around an orphaned young girl who, because of an accident of birth, is caught in the struggle between two families of mercenaries and killers. The girl, named Bird Benson, has been mentored by a Chinese man and accepts the quest to find and defeat her mortal mother in order to lead a normal life. (Did all of that make sense? Good.)
Banks will star as Leo Killpreist, a powerful, tough guy (sounds a bit like Mike) who wants to keep his family together since they have forgotten the old ways. In order to do so, he’s building an army. Get ready for some epic ninja-style fights!
Berg is set to direct the pilot, while David Granziano, who wrote last year's short-lived but critically-acclaimed “Awake”, will pen the script. The show sounds like a bizarre cross between “Revenge”, “Breaking Bad”, and a modern version of Romeo & Juliet -- if the Capulets and Montagues were assassins. I am personally intrigued. Even if “Bloodline” is completely crazy, it sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun!
Are you excited to see “Bloodline”?
- Sarah Osman, YH Staff