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Aubrey O'Day Returns to Television
Written by Laura Carlson

Everybody loves a comeback, and no one is looking forward to it more than Aubrey O'Day.

The singer/songwriter unveiled a new reality show this week, "All About Aubrey". The show, which airs on Oxygen, brings us up to speed on where Aubrey has been since her infamous split from P. Diddy and her former Danity Kane band mates. From musicals Hairspray on Broadway to Peepshow in Las Vegas, O’Day’s career has kept her busy. She’s also been preparing her biggest project: a solo album.

We caught up with O’Day after the debut of "All About Aubrey" to get her thoughts on the music industry, "American Idol", and her future.


LC:  A lot of women have followed you in both your ups and downs and have rooted for you the whole way. From Danity Kane to Peepshow, what have you learned about yourself and your career?

AO: The entertainment industry, and life, isn't fair... And sometimes, I need to pick and choose my battles instead of trying to always right every wrong.


LC: What can we expect from "All About Aubrey"?

AO: Me and my cast of family and business to LIVE OUT LOUD! Singing, dancing, rehearsals, pressure, stakes, fighting, drama, dating, family drama, a DK member reunion, me reaching out to Diddy since being fired... Everything! An unscripted REAL reality show!


LC:  What sort of advice do you have for young women about following your dream?

AO: Believe in yourself, even when no one else does. Fans, friends, and family can be great... But you can only depend on yourself in life to find your inner happiness, and formulate a strategy you won't budge from to ensure it stays consistent.


LC: What's one of the hardest things about working in the music industry as an artist?

AO: The pressure to become everything you aren't... Or at least I'M not.


LC: Can fans expect a solo album soon?

AO: You will see the breakdown of the entire process of trying to get a record deal after coming off of such a prior high success. Watch the show for all the music and happenings with my dreams of having a solo album.


LC: Where do you hope to see yourself 5 years from now?

AO: Consistently happy, for the right reasons!!


LC: What's your take on "American Idol"? Would you ever want to be a judge?

AO: I think I would have much more career to live before I'd be an accurate judge of America’s talent! I could def[initely] be a mentor! "AI" is great, love that JLo is on it now!


"All About Aubrey" airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on Oxygen.





Laura Carlson is an entertainment reporter who has covered red carpets in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. She is a slave to celebrity news and has a passion for pop culture. You can follow her on twitter @lauraleecarlson.