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Written by Raffy Ermac
It’s safe to say that the British are indeed invading and steadily conquering the music scene. Just as the closing ceremonies of this year’s Olympic Games showcased, music is indeed one of the U.K.’s biggest exports, and although we do love us some good old-fashioned American popstars like Britney, Katy, and Gaga, it’s time to make way for a new generation of Britain’s biggest talents.
And one of the rising stars at the moment, making a huge splash on the charts, is the ambitious, bodacious, blonde bombshell/siren Rita Ora.
More than just her gorgeous blonde tresses, Ora hails from West London and is pretty darn proud of it. Often citing Gwen Stefani as her main musical and fashion influence, and having contemporaries including Rihanna and Christina Aguliera, Ora is another in a long line of fierce popstars with the style, voice, and charisma to become a huge powerhouse.
Having made an early appearance in the music video for rapper Drake’s song “Over”, Ora is known for her powerful vocal range and her love for the perfect pop/R&B hybrid. Some of her hits include the party-starting “How We Do” and the rough-and-tumble “R.I.P”, featuring fellow Brit Tinie Tempah.
And after a fairly recent and highly-praised North American tour, and a rocking performance at this year’s MTV European Music Awards, it seems there is no stopping this girl from becoming the superstar she is destined to be. 
If you want more of a taste of Ora (and why wouldn’t you?), you won’t have to wait long, because the U.S. version of her debut album, the aptly-titled Ora, will hit Stateside shores early next year!

- Raffy Ermac, YH Staff