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About Last Night: Samantha Ronson, Rockstar
Written by Mikey Glazer

No bowler hat. No scowl. No DJ booth to hide behind. This was not the Samantha Ronson I know from the internet.

"Enough of this slow s**t; are we having fun?" she asked the invite-only crowd of friends and wanna-be friends (*ahem, looks around*).

The spin-stress and frequent paparazzi-target showed a completely different face, perhaps my first glimpse of the real person, as she took center stage at The Roxy on Sunset as lead singer of her rock band, Samantha Ronson and the Undertakers.



Long blonde hair in an "almost" ponytail, a smile, a friendly voice, and welcoming stage presence -- it was a different person until I saw a peek of the familiar: 

"This song's called 'Captain Jack', and its about every loser you know," she said at one point.

Mark McGrath, Amy SmartBrittnyGastineau, Jayde Nicole, Evan Ross, and a slew of Hollywood faces took in the performance at the intimate invite-only event, hosted by David Barton Gym.



The Miami and NY high end fitness club is about to touch down on Sunset Blvd in the former Tower Records lot. To pay homage to the aura, they mixed muscle with music for a night that also featured hotspot DJ Devin Lucien filling the breaks.



Svedka cocktails helped fuel the Miami-heavy event with localites like the Patrick McMullan of South Beach, Seth Browarnik, Melissa Katz, nightlife legend Nils Vogth-Erickson, and Jon Warech (Wonderwall). 

L.A. was represented by 944 chief Marc Lotenberg, Greg Link, artist Louis Carreon, Melissa Rappaport, PR legend Lisette Sand-Freeman, and nightlife execs Deb and Fred Grimmel.






Mikey Glazer is always on the list. He’s been covering events since his kindergarten Valentine’s Day cookie party, graduating to the Hollywood party circuit. He has contributed from behind the velvet rope for E! Entertainment Radio, US Weekly, and created the popular live celebrity sightings twitter,@CelebSightings.