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6 Dream Pop Collabos!
Written by Raffy Ermac
Rumors spread like wildfire earlier this month that two of the biggest and brightest names in pop music, none other than Rihanna and Lady Gaga, could possibly be collaborating on the latter’s upcoming release ARTPOP, and although the gossip has since been shot down, it doesn’t stop thousands of fans of both music queens from still wanting a collab to come to fruition. I mean, how much would a RiRi and Gaga song slay, right?!?
These reports of possible pop collaborations got me thinking: what other big music acts should work with another equally big artists to make a perfect combination of sheer stardom and talent all packed into a song?
Here are some musical artistic partnerships that we would absolutely LOVE to see come true.
Rihanna and Cheryl Cole
RiRi and the UK’s reining pop queen supreme have openly admitted how much they adore each other’s music (Cheryl has even called Rihanna her girl-crush), so why not just cut to the chase and put all that female flirtiness into a collaboration that will have pop enthusiasts all over the world jumping for joy?!
One Direction and The Wanted
We know it’s almost taboo to say this, especially since both groups have a history of clashing with each other, but if all ten guys from both supergroups put their outrageously good-looking British heads together and used that sass and frustration to write a song (perhaps in a sing-off-style), I guarantee that would be one of the most buzzworthy records of the century.
Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake
The “Wrecking Ball” songstress has gushed on a recent radio interview with 92.3 NOW about how much she would love to work with JT, and since both seem to be on top of the pop world at the moment -- not to mention both are originally from Tennessee -- what excuse do they have not to work with each other?
Drake and Beyoncé
Drake has already named and dedicated an entire song to the resident queen of hip-pop, so a collaboration between the two, who have both frequently collaborated with Bey’s husband Jay-Z, seems like the next logical and most fruitful (music-wise) step.
Destiny’s Child and *NSync   
A generational gap will not stop modern day audiences from absolutely devouring a song by two of the biggest and greatest pop music groups EVER. Both acts made reunions this year (a good year for music, indeed), and although they were brief, it gave us kids that grew up in the '90s what we’ve been missing: the music of our childhoods.
Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey
Speaking of generational gaps, Grande, who has often been hailed as this generation’s Mariah (especially with her strikingly similar vocal ability), would do very well holding her own and standing next to one of music’s living legends herself.
In a perfect world, all of these beautiful artists would come together to make amazing music, and soon. If only… What are some of YOUR dream pop collabs?
- Raffy Ermac, YH Staff