Troian Belissario: 'Photoshopped images should come with a warning'

Actress Troian Belissario is demanding new laws to inform magazine readers of what's real and what isn't when it comes to photoshopped images of celebrities.

The former Pretty Little Liars star is known for speaking out about photoshopped snaps and in a new Instagram post over the weekend (21-22Oct17), she has taken her campaign to a whole new level.

Sharing a video posted by editors at attn: which highlights the difference in media rules in the U.S. and France, where models must seek out a doctor's confirmation they are a healthy weight before they can work, she added a lengthy, angry caption.

"We in America should have MANDITORY (sic) WARNINGS on images in advertisements & PRESS that have been doctored," she raged. "Because the real issue (in my opinion) is that we are selling products (clothes, perfume, music, film) on unrealistic and doctored images of people. And I for one would want to know, I would want my friends to know and strangers and especially young men and women to know if they were looking at something real or something fake."

The former anorexia sufferer added that she is also fighting against firms selling products "on the basis of first making ourselves feel less than (not pretty enough not skinny enough not healthy enough whatever)... and feel better about ourselves'."

Troian is hopeful, though, that the next generation of consumers will not be faced with the same dishonest advertising.

"What an amazing world it would be if we could just acknowledge that (photoshopping)," she concluded her post. "And then celebrate that we all look different, have different bodies and different backgrounds and histories, and then find all of those differences beautiful."