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Sophia Bush: 'Ryan Reynolds is just the best'

Actress Sophia Bush has very fond memories of her first ever onscreen kiss, which she shared with Ryan Reynolds.

She locked lips with the Deadpool star in the 2002 comedy Van Wilder and revisited the experience on Tuesday (28Nov17) during an interview with news show Entertainment Tonight - on the film's 15th anniversary.

The hit marked Bush's first acting role and she admitted she'll always be grateful Ryan was her leading man.

"That was my first job," she recalled. "Truly I just remember Ryan Reynolds being the most professional and kind and courteous man. You want to talk about good men in Hollywood - aces all around. Such a good human being."

The 35-year-old also remembered Reynolds guiding her through the process.

She added, "To walk in as an actor and have your first onscreen kiss with somebody, and not know what's going on... I said something about it being my first day and he was like, 'Here's a few things you need to know', and gave me just little technical tips that were so helpful, (which) put me completely at ease... He's just the best."

Since the release of Van Wilder, Reynolds has enjoyed a string of hits and Sophia couldn't be happier for his success on the big screen and in his personal life - the hunk is married to actress Blake Lively and father to daughters, James and Ines.

"Over all the years that I've seen him and I've watched his career, he'll be like, 'I just saw you on this and you were great,'" she said, "and I’m like, 'I saw this movie and I loved it'.

"He's one of those people that I really root for."

And the brunette beauty wouldn't hesitate to collaborate with the 41-year-old again - and Lively.

"I'd love for him and Blake to come and work on anything that I'm doing," Bush revealed. "They're both incredible humans and just the funniest people on the planet."

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