Ruby Rose gets knuckle tattoos removed

Ruby Rose has had her prominent knuckle tattoos removed.

The Australian actress and DJ is no stranger to body art, having over 50 different inkings, including a cross on her forearm, a playing card on her chest and the word "Love" behind her ear.

However, Ruby has now had laser treatment to remove the words "Just Love" from her knuckles as they proved difficult to cover up for film and TV roles.

She confirmed the removal on Wednesday (22Nov17) after a Twitter follower noticed that the Gothic-style script had disappeared from the star's hands, and was upset to see the message gone.

"Same same my fave tattoo," the John Wick: Chapter 2 actress replied to the fan. "But it's the only one that causes trouble with filming because the make up always comes off when you're using your hands or washing them through out (sic) the day etc."

Ruby first had "Just Love" tattooed on her hands back in 2012, and showed off the design in a Twitter message that she captioned: "Just love... No room for hate."

The tattoo is believed to be a statement in line with the 31-year-old's advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) rights, having come out as a lesbian at the age of 12 and, more recently, spoken openly about her gender fluid identity.

Ruby has also been campaigning for the legalization of gay marriage in Australia, and celebrated a non-binding vote held earlier this month which showed that the majority of citizens favored allowing same-sex couples to wed.

A bill to change the law will be debated for amendments, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull looking to pass legislation by Christmas.

"But my god thank you to everyone who voted yes. You have most definitely saved lives by this gesture and i know how hard they made it to vote," she tweeted at the time.