Mischa Barton sued for crashing moving truck

Misha Barton is being sued for $26,991 after crashing a moving truck in February (17).

The homeowners' association at The Park Wellington condos in West Hollywood are suing the actress after she left her U-Haul truck jammed in a carport, leading to structural damages, while she was moving in.

According to TMZ, Barton rammed the truck into plaster covered support beams that now need to be repaired.

In documents obtained by the site, the former star of The O.C. claims her then-boyfriend Adam Spaw rented the truck and the former couple attempted to pay for the damages through his insurance, but the claim was denied.

Among the documents filed is a police report listing the 31-year-old as the driver of the vehicle, making her responsible for covering the cost of the accident.