Kevin Hart determined to fix marriage after cheating scandal

Actor Kevin Hart is still working on repairing his marriage after his summer sex tape scandal, admitting they have "good days" and "bad days".

The Ride Along star hit headlines in August (17) after he was caught on camera in a compromising situation with another woman while partying in Las Vegas, with the video footage later becoming part of an attempted extortion plot.

Kevin had to call in authorities to deal with the matter, and he subsequently owned up to his bad behavior and publicly apologized to his then-pregnant wife Eniko and his family. She stood by her husband's side throughout the drama, and they went on to welcome their first child together, baby boy Kenzo, in late November (17).

Despite playing happy families, Kevin admits the couple is still dealing with the incident, which he insists was "beyond irresponsible".

Branding the controversy "Kevin Hart's dumbest moment," he told New York radio show The Breakfast Club on Thursday (14Dec17) he simply "wasn't thinking" at the time of the encounter, which he openly admits was "not the finest hour" in his life.

Revealing there are times when Eniko, his wife of one year, lashes out at the comedian because of his "massive mistake", he shared, "There's good days and there's bad days. Take your humble pie and you eat it (sic)...

"You got to be patient and literally give your woman the time that she needs to recover from that and afterward, still know that's gonna come back up. There's days where we ride in the car and I catch her staring at the side of my face... I just act like I don't feel it and just keep driving. But I know. The difference is, I love my wife. My wife know my heart (sic). You know who your man is and what I stand for. You know the foundation we've built."

While Kevin is happy to take responsibility for his actions, he does not appreciate critics bringing up longrunning allegations suggesting he cheated on his first wife Torrei, the mother of his daughter Heaven, 12, and son Hendrix, 10, with Eniko.

And he admits he's not happy with his ex for previously appearing to confirm his infidelity by calling Eniko out as a "homewrecker".

"When people try to run with that, that woman (Eniko) didn't have nothing to do with my marriage," said Kevin. "She didn't have nothing to do with me leaving my wife (sic). Nothing...!"