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Josh Gad quizzes Lupita Nyong'o to spill Star Wars secrets

Actress Lupita Nyong'o has jokingly dubbed her new Little Monsters co-star Josh Gad "shameless" after recruiting a child castmate to quiz the Oscar winner about the upcoming Star Wars film.

Josh has been desperate to find out a few plot secrets from the stars of the new sci-fi trilogy, previously hounding his Murder on the Orient Express pal Daisy Ridley about the highly-anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in which she reprises her The Force Awakens role as scavenger Rey.

The Frozen actor is currently shooting zombie comedy Little Monsters with Lupita, who also returns in The Last Jedi as Maz Kanata, and he did his best to get her to spill some details - even though the movie hits theaters within days.

Josh shared video footage of his ambush on Twitter, and captioned it: "#DaisyRidley wouldn't cave. So with one week to go, I'm switching tactics. Let's see if @Lupita_Nyongo is also going to place secrets above a three week friendship. #TheLastJedi #StarWars #SpoilerHunt #LittleMonstersFilm".

In the clip, Lupita is featured in costume, covered in fake blood, as she stops by Josh's trailer.

"So, hey, listen, I'm gonna cut to the chase," he begins. "You know, I tried to get Daisy Ridley to give me some of the Star Wars spoilers and she didn't because she's Daisy Ridley, and since you have a much more generous spirit, I thought maybe you would give me some spoilers?"

An amused Lupita replies, "No, I'm not gonna give you any spoilers. The thing opens in like, a week, you can wait."

When the star denies his efforts again, Josh appears to give up, only to have one of their young co-stars enter the room and corner Lupita as part of a ruse.

"I'm doing a book report and I need your help," the little girl says, before peppering the actress with Star Wars-related questions, like, "Do Luke (Skywalker) and (twin sister) Leia have an emotionally cathartic reunion?"

Turning to Josh, Lupita exclaims, "You're shameless...! She doesn't even know what she's saying..."

Josh and his fellow Star Wars devotees will finally learn how the story unfolds when The Last Jedi opens next week (15Dec17).

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