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Joey King: 'Ryan Phillippe is a terrible saxophone player'

Ryan Phillippe deserves an Oscar for his attempts to look good while playing the saxophone in new movie Wish Upon, according to his onscreen daughter Joey King.

The young star, who plays a teenager granted seven deadly wishes in the spooky film, admits her movie dad was not skilled when it came to playing the sax for his role - but he looked like he knew what he was doing.

"His character was amazing at the sax (but) Ryan was so bad," she tells Latino Movie Review, giggling. "It really shows how talented he is on how he makes himself look like an amazing saxophone player. It was really atrocious."

Phillippe laughs, "It’s my calling card. I’ll be known for it now."

But King admits there were some dramatic scenes in the dark drama that Ryan really helped her nail.

"He was amazing," she explains. "Ryan is a great scene partner. I remembered we had a very emotional scene one time and it was really hard. When someone gives you a lot of emotion when it’s not their close-up it means a lot."

The spooky new film hit theaters on Friday (14Jul17).

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