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Imagine Dragons singer thanks fans for helping him with depression battle

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has written a heartfelt thanks to the band's fans as the group releases its latest album, Evolve.

The Demons singer, who recently opened up about his battle with depression, took to Twitter early on Friday (23Jun17) to pour out his feelings, revealing his fans have helped pull him through his most difficult times.

"Tonight I just feel a lot. Death will come some day," he wrote, "but until then I want to live. Feel it all. And tonight I feel it all. Thank you.

"I write what I feel. I can't explain myself. I don't understand my head and heart most of the time. It feels like a puzzle that I just can never solve. I'm not put together. Music is the only thing that speaks for me. It always has. I can explain myself finally when making a song."

Reynolds also admits that some of his songs bring him to tears because they're so honest: "Even if I'm the only one that hears that song, it accomplished what it needed to," he adds. "It made me understand myself. And to hear my thoughts over a musical soundscape to FEEL."

And now he hopes his band's new album touches fans in the same way, adding, "I want the world to be a passionate place, hopefully compassionate as well, but I can only control my words and feelings - not others.

"I hope you listen to this record and FEEL it. I hope you hear my voice and understand that every word is honest. I hope it brings you happiness. I promise to bring my full heart out on stage every night as we perform this record."

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