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Gwen Stefani was horrified by Blake Shelton's fried diet

Singer Gwen Stefani has learned not to fuss about her diet whenever she spends time with boyfriend Blake Shelton at his home in Oklahoma, because everything he eats is fried.

The Used to Love You hitmaker has stuck to a fairly healthy lifestyle since she was a kid, so she was horrified to discover the majority of country star Blake's favorite foods are battered and cooked in fat.

Gwen revealed People magazine's new Sexiest Man Alive loves to eat "mostly things that are bad for you" as she made an appearance on kitchenware company Williams-Sonoma's Facebook Live event with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis on Monday (11Dec17).

"Everything's fried," the mother-of-three continued. "It shocks me, because growing up in California, we are a specific breed, we learn how to be healthy, and in Oklahoma, they learn just how to have fun and eat, like, not worry about it. It's fun though."

During the chat, Gwen also admitted the couple, which has been dating since the autumn of 2015, tends to communicate in song.

"We're like, in a musical constantly and we just sing," she laughed. "We actually don't talk to each other, we just sing like a musical and everything we sing is like, 'I love you...' It's pretty much the whole time."

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