Gal Gadot praises Sri Lankan cosplayers cyber-bullied for wearing Wonder Woman costumes

Gal Gadot has praised two young Sri Lankan cosplayers who were trolled for dressing up as Wonder Woman.

The Hollywood actress, who played the heroine in the recent blockbuster movie, tweeted her support to Amaya Suriyapperuma and Seshani Cooray, who found themselves targeted by cruel trolls after donning Wonder Woman ensembles for the Comic Con 2017 event in Colombo.

"Looking amazing ladies," Gal tweeted, along with emojis of a heart, a strong, muscular arm emoji and a woman kickboxing.

The movie's director Patty Jenkins also backed the pair, writing on her Twitter page: "They look great, so strong and beautiful. Such amazing work and costumes."

And receiving such widespread support, along with messages from Gal and Patty, has meant the world to Amaya and Seshani.

"It definitely feels amazing to be recognized and praised by Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot herself!" Amaya told the BBC. "I'm a huge fan of Gal Gadot so this has been amazing." Seshani added: "It felt amazing - my inner fangirl is never going to forget this!"