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Eddie Redmayne's stalker given suspended jail sentence

Eddie Redmayne's stalker has been slapped with a suspended jail sentence and a restraining order.

Gaby Stieger, 49, pleaded guilty to stalking the Oscar-winning actor over the course of five years at Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court on Wednesday (13Sep17) and she returned to court on Thursday for sentencing.

She was given a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was banned from coming within 200 meters of Eddie and his family or from contacting them.

"This is a very serious offense - which took place over a period of five years," said Magistrate Novello Noades, chairwoman of the bench. "There was significant planning involved, you moved from Germany to London to be near the victim.

"You obtained work in the film industry and near the victim's home in order to be in proximity to him... He told you he was distressed but you ignored him."

Stieger first met Eddie outside the Donmar Warehouse theater in London in 2012 and then began sending him love letters and stalking him near his house, his local park, and at film premieres. The 35-year-old, who claims he repeatedly told her to leave him alone, only took legal action in August 2016 after Stieger approached him outside his house when he was with his daughter Iris and tried to touch his arm.

A letter written by The Theory of Everything star was read out in court. He wrote, "When you do a play as an actor you meet people waiting outside who have come a long way to see it," he wrote. "They are often friendly and give gifts. You try to be open and friendly with them.

"I deeply regret having met Gaby Stieger at the Donmar Warehouse. She harassed myself and my family intermittently over five years, leaving us deeply unsettled."

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