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Daniel Radcliffe collects his movie jeans

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe fills his closet with pairs of jeans taken from each of his movie sets.

The British star's short stature makes it tough for him to find the perfect pair of denims, but he's since found an easy solution to his shopping struggle.

"Jeans are particularly hard to find for me, so most of the good jeans I've had have actually come off of sets I've been on," he tells New York magazine's The Strategist column. "I'm five-foot-five and have been for a very long time, so it means I have accumulated a lot of jeans."

However, the pants Daniel has collected aren't all pricey designer duds; his current favorites are from fashion chain American Eagle, which retail for around $50 .

"Right now all I wear is a pair of American Eagles (sic) that I got off the set of Imperium," he says.

It also helps that Daniel's waistline has barely changed in recent years, something he's able to easily maintain thanks to his regular workouts.

"I'm obsessive about working out in the morning," he confesses. "I never thought I'd say that, but I actually enjoy the gym, if not at the time I'm there, then at least after I've done it."

And the 28-year-old has found another way to try and stay healthy, particularly with his jet-setting lifestyle - he takes bee propolis supplements, capsules of bee resin which are said to have antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

He adds, "Everyone is always complaining about plane travel doing something bad to them, and I travel so much I feel like I need all the help I can get. I was in a play (London's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead) earlier this year, and everyone in the play was taking it. It seems to be working... It definitely did stave off any feelings of a cold I had during the run of the play."

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