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Cheryl: 'I've got no plans for a second baby as yet'

Cheryl currently has "no plans" for a second baby with boyfriend Liam Payne.

The former Girls Aloud singer became a first-time mother when she gave birth to son Bear in March (17). Since then, Cheryl has been revelling in parenthood, spending time at home with Bear while carefully plotting her comeback. And while she is thoroughly enjoying every aspect of being a mother, Cheryl isn't going to rush into having another.

"I have no plans for two at the moment but I think maybe one day," she smiled during an interview with The Sun. "It's so lovely. And I grew up with siblings.

"It changes your life completely but in the most amazing way. But I've had the best six months of my life. Really."

Another reason Cheryl isn't pushing to have another child is because she hated her nine months of pregnancy.

"I hated being pregnant. A lot of stuff went on and I just didn't enjoy it," she admitted.

Cheryl and Liam caused controversy when they started dating due to their 10-year age gap. However, they'd actually met many years before, when Liam auditioned for U.K. TV talent show The X Factor when Cheryl was a judge. Following Cheryl's divorce from Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, she reconnected with Liam, with music mogul Simon Cowell taking credit for getting them together.

Asked if he's responsible for the relationship, Simon replied: "One hundred per cent - just call me Cupid!"

And Cheryl added: "He did nudge. And, honestly, I would never, ever have imagined it could be this."

When it came to choosing a name for their baby boy, Cheryl was convinced that Bear was the perfect moniker.

"I always loved the name. And the midwife always used to come in when he was little - he used to, like, grunt - and used to go, 'There's the little bear, there's the little bear'," Cheryl laughed. "And it stuck. It's just his name and I wanted a unique name."

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