"You know what?... Suck it." --- Chris Harrison
Written by Tracy Behr

This week's studio secrets take you behind the scenes at the YH Studio with Big Boi, Simon Helberg and Chris Harrison.


The Big Boi 12-Hour Day Freestyle

The one-half of hip hop duo OutKast flew in for the day to make his interview rounds, and saved the best for last... the YH Studio.   Since we were his final stop after Jay Leno, we ended up getting a fabulous freestyle re-capping his entire day.   Check it out for yourself.


YH Validates Simon Helberg

Simon Helberg, star of The Big Bang Theory, finished the interview extremely satisfied and pleased that we validated his ego... now all he needed was some parking validation and he was good to go.


Chris Harrison Lets Loose

I was on vacation in Mexico when host Chris Harrison came by the studio, and since I was so upset I missed him (yes, my guilty pleasure is The Bachelor/Bachelorette), he was cool enough to give a pretty hilarious shout-out to my mom and sister who are also huge fans of the shows.   Thanks Chris, don't worry we were all thinking of you while lying on the beach with our piña coladas... :)