YH Studio Kick Off
Written by Tracy Behr


It's official. After months of preparation, Young Hollywood finally launched its first-ever studio space at one of the most prestigious, high profile destinations in the world - the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. With exclusive access to the who's who of Hollywood's A-list, we're excited to become the first and only media outlet to ever be PERMANENTLY housed on the hotel premises 7 days a week/24 hours a day.

The studio is quickly becoming one of the hottest spots in town. Dozens of celebrities have come by, from the cast of Kick Ass, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Robin Hood and 90210 to Tracy Morgan, Kristin Cavallari, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Alyssa Milano and more.

I think the best part of it all has been the shock on everyone's faces when they walk through the door. Just don't think it's your typical, ordinary hotel room... trust me, YH always knows how to do it up right, so expect the unexpected. We completely converted a 3-room suite into our own swanky, laid-back hang-out equipped with a bar, lounge area, plasma screens, mood lighting and more. Uniquely designed by Cantoni furniture's Alissa Sutton, the studio offers a variety of cutting-edge looks and a super hip vibe.

Speaking of cutting-edge looks, big shout out to Young Hollywood's fashion stylist Tod Hallman for hooking up our on-air talent during launch week with some hot looks from John Varvatos, JOE'S, Alternative Apparel, Z-Brand and Oliver Rayn.

In the midst of all the momentum and good times rolling, we figured it only made sense to start capturing what really goes on behind-the-scenes at the YH studio. I mean, hey, everyone knows that's when the real fun (and craziness) goes down" ¦

Here's a peek inside this week's wrap-up of some awesome raw footage we caught on tape.

Check out the video!

** Kristin Cavallari's dog, Bardot (named after Brigitte Bardot), made sure to mark its territory in the studio by peeing on the floor, but luckily we got it carpet cleaned right away. Now that's a true best friend.

** Rev Theory performs an amazing acoustic version of their hit song, "Hell Yeah," at the YH studio during a tasting party for the Maloof brothers' soon-to-be-launched Black Star beer.

** Robin Hood's Merry Men Scott Grimes and Alan Doyle have some interesting times in the studio trying to figure out how to use the flip.

Plenty more studio secrets to come" ¦ stay tuned!