YH Puts Reggie Miller On A Baby Stool
Written by Tracy Behr

This week’s studio secrets take youbehind the scenes at the YH Studio with Reggie Miller, Jaime Kennedy and Semi Precious Weapons.


Reggie Miller – Our favorite new spokesperson for the YH Studio

6’7” legendary NBA hall-of-famer, Reggie Miller, was flabbergasted with the setup of our studio at the Four Seasons Hotel.  He didn’t miss a detail, from the supply of vitaminwater always keeping us hydrated to the “Vegas feel” of the suite.  Reggie even took it one step further to reveal a studio secret production stunt, where we tried to make RJ look the same height as Reggie for the interview (or at least semi-equal) by putting him on a higher stool and Reggie on a baby stool.  We tried our best to make it look normal.  Ah… the magic of show business.  Now that’s a real behind-the-scenes.


Jaime Kennedy digs the new vitaminwater Facebook flavor

Actor/comedian/rapper Jaime Kennedy looked relaxed and content as he sat near the gardens outside the lobby of the Four Seasons, prepping for the interview and swigging a vitaminwater.  He was fascinated by the new Facebook flavor where fans on Facebook voted on the black cherry-lime flavor.  Deliciousness. 


YH gets a peek at some Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons, the rock band from New York City and opening act for Lady Gaga’s tour The Monster Ball, graced us with their ever-so-eccentric personalities and outrageous styles.  From vocalist Justin Tranter’s face imprinted on the front (and back) of his t-shirt to his 9-inch heels, there’s no way you could avoid turning your head if he walked right passed you.  These guys are so unique and glamorous that it makes total sense Lady Gaga used to open for them before she blew up, and now the roles are reversed!


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